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Septembrie - Noiembrie 2016
Septembrie Octombrie Noiembrie
DuLuMaMiJoVi DuLuMaMiJoVi DuLuMaMiJoVi
 123  1  12345
45678910 2345678 6789101112
11121314151617 9101112131415 13141516171819
18192021222324 16171819202122 20212223242526
252627282930  23242526272829 27282930 


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The Gregorian solar calendar, used worldwide, was adopted at different times by different regions (from 1582 by France, Italy, Luxembourg, Catholic Netherlands, Savoy and Spain, to 1912/1929/1949 by China; the British Empire adopted it in 1752). I know of no remaining bugs (the most recent was found and fixed in Jun. 2007), but make no guarantees, expressed or implied, concerning content, accuracy or completeness.